Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mary Kay vs Avon...and why I chose MK

I have worked in many different sales positions in my working years and I have sold all different kinds of products with different techniques, so when I started to look for a small from home business that I could start and manage I once again looked to sales. I researched a lot of different from home sales opportunities and weighed all the pros and cons of each. There were two that stood out amongst the rest: Mary Kay and Avon. Once I began to delve further into each company I am came to realize that each has its own particular set of pros and cons while being trustworthy and valuable companies. Here is what I discovered.

Pros -
1. There is only a $10 start up fee.
2. Catalogs offer wide variety of products.
3. New campaigns every two weeks.
4. Brand recognition.
5. Merchandise reasonable if not cheaply priced.
6. No territories.
7. Seasonal and children's products.

Cons -
1. $10 initial start up fee does not include your start up basics such as catalogs and demos, those must be purchase separately.
2. Market saturation. In my local area there are hundreds of men and women selling Avon.
3. Campaigns changing every two weeks requires you to constantly buy new catalogs.
4. Demos must be purchased at cost and is recommended you purchase a demo every campaign but not required.
5. Required sales goals. Avon requires you to meet a certain quarterly goal or they will revoke your right to sell their products.
6. Avon does not provide you with your own personal website for online direct sales for your clients.
7. Customers must often purchase a product before seeing it or trying it.

Pros -
1. $100 Start up cost includes Starter Kit valued at over $400 and includes everything you need to start your Mary Kay business.
2. No territories.
3. New campaigns every three months.
4. Brand recognition.
5. Department store quality for below department store price.
6. Brand loyalty.
7. Fantastic employee incentive program. (Everyone has seen a Mary Kay Pink Cadillac!)
8. Great support system with other Mary Kay consultants and Mary Kay Corporate.
9. Mary Kay belief system is God, Family, Job.
10. Try it before you buy it!

Cons -
1. Slightly higher prices than some Avon products.
2. Some market saturation. While there are many Mary Kay consultants most areas have a large untapped market of potential clients.
3. Recommended form of marketing is hosting Mary Kay parties or set appointments to have others host the parties. It is not required and they do offer other forms of marketing this happens to be the main strategy they provide.
4. Recommended that you purchase the free sample sized gifts (these are rather inexpensive but it can be considered a draw back)
5. Initial investment is $100.
6. More focused and limited inventory.

Why I chose Mary Kay

In the past I have purchased both Mary Kay and Avon products and enjoyed them both. If truth be told though I have always enjoyed the experience I get with my Mary Kay Consultant, she is always full of the latest trends in make-up and skin care. She takes the time to know me and my skin so she can best meet my needs and always presents me with products I love! I have come to love and rely on some of their best products and frankly couldn't live without them now. But it was more than just that I love what Mary Kay stands for compassion, beauty inside and out, and faith.

As a Mary Kay Consultant I hope that I can make every woman I meet feel more beautiful and more confident about herself. I want to uplift women while providing them the products and services they need, and to give them the latest trends and tips in the make-up world.

I hope that anyone who is trying to decide which company is right for them will find this helpful. Both companies have a lot to offer so research for yourself and don't buy into all the hype you read on some of the forums, there are people who have bad experiences but everyone who considering any self-employment opportunity must understand that whether you succeed or not completely depends on you so keep that in mind as you read.

I also welcome anyone who has experience with either company to come and share the honest truth about both, we want the good, the bad, and the beautiful.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The First Step


My name is Kate. I am a twenty-four year old mother of two beautiful boys and a step-daughter and a stay at home mom. My boyfriend was a relator but when the recession hit he had to take a job in a meat processing plant. Our lifestyle changed quiet a bit and then we had a new addition to our family. Our life has been blessed but we are still looking to brighter days. I have been at home with my kids now for four years and after working as an insurance agent it is difficult sometimes to not be able to provide more for my family. So, I made myself a promise that I would search for a way to fulfill myself and pursue my dreams. After much searching the answer came to me in the form of a woman with a ready smile and an opportunity, my Mary Kay lady! I had never considered it before but after hearing her talk about the wonderful things she had accomplished within Mary Kay I knew I was ready to make a change.

I have just ordered my starter kit! I have always had a passion for cosmetics and skin care - my overflowing make-up drawer could testify - and now I have the chance to not only do something that I love but to create some income. I have never been so excited in all my life, and I have read all the horror stories there are to tell online but I truly feel with my sales background I have the upper hand.

So I am starting this blog to document my journey with any luck to success but I will tell it here; the good, the bad, and the beautiful. I will also post some general how-to videos for skin care and make-up but also demonstrate some of the Mary Kay products and colors as I receive them. My first video post will be 'My Philosophy on Beauty'.  Please follow up soon to view.

I invite you all to take this journey with me. If you are a Mary Kay consultant or customer or if you just have something to say please comment!