Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The First Step


My name is Kate. I am a twenty-four year old mother of two beautiful boys and a step-daughter and a stay at home mom. My boyfriend was a relator but when the recession hit he had to take a job in a meat processing plant. Our lifestyle changed quiet a bit and then we had a new addition to our family. Our life has been blessed but we are still looking to brighter days. I have been at home with my kids now for four years and after working as an insurance agent it is difficult sometimes to not be able to provide more for my family. So, I made myself a promise that I would search for a way to fulfill myself and pursue my dreams. After much searching the answer came to me in the form of a woman with a ready smile and an opportunity, my Mary Kay lady! I had never considered it before but after hearing her talk about the wonderful things she had accomplished within Mary Kay I knew I was ready to make a change.

I have just ordered my starter kit! I have always had a passion for cosmetics and skin care - my overflowing make-up drawer could testify - and now I have the chance to not only do something that I love but to create some income. I have never been so excited in all my life, and I have read all the horror stories there are to tell online but I truly feel with my sales background I have the upper hand.

So I am starting this blog to document my journey with any luck to success but I will tell it here; the good, the bad, and the beautiful. I will also post some general how-to videos for skin care and make-up but also demonstrate some of the Mary Kay products and colors as I receive them. My first video post will be 'My Philosophy on Beauty'.  Please follow up soon to view.

I invite you all to take this journey with me. If you are a Mary Kay consultant or customer or if you just have something to say please comment!


  1. Spend the time with your young family. Get a REAL part-time job and save yourself the heart-ache and HUGE money drain. Seriously. I know. I'm Dazzling Diva Dana on www.Pinktruth.com... my story of being in TWICE is well-documented. There are 100's of stories there similar to mine or even worse. Your marriage will be strained and your daughters will miss you. The time you will put in to be successful is time you will never be able to get back. The friends you make are false friends and will kick you to the curb when you choose to wise-up. Seriously. I'm not a bitch, just someone willing to warn you of the pit-falls of this company. It is horrendous, once you get in deep. You have no idea. ~ Dana

  2. I came here in hopes that you did not get sucked into the "PINK CULT" too far...As a former Senior Sales Director who once drove a pink Cadillac and fell deep, I tell you to stay very far away out of concern for another woman and her family.

    I see that you have not made many posts of your journey in Mary Kay, so I assume you saw the light! We have all been there, we defended the MK at one point in time. We believed the dream, but that is all it is, A DREAM :(

    Best wishes~ Kerri
    I am Gooberoon on www.pinktruth.com