Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Journey to Make Me Last a Lifetime

I have decided to make 'A Beautiful Journey' about more than just Mary Kay as I am simply using Mary Kay to accomplish much larger goals. My journey is really about making changes so I can have the life and lifestyle that I have always wanted. I am tired of envying those families who seem so happy and healthy, you know the ones who seem to have it all together. I want to be that family and wishing isn't going get my anywhere fast.

The real first leg of my journey was really figuring out what it was that I wanted. Here is the list I came up with:

1. Happiness.
2. More Financial freedom.
3. Better health and self-image.
4. Have a better family dynamic.
5. Fulfill myself.

Pretty short and sweet, but they are big things to achieve and were really my overall goals...not my plan on how to get there. So, in came my second step. Writing down ideas of how I was going to achieve these things.

1. As happiness was my ultimate goal and all the other things were what I though I needed to get it I didn't write down much for this one.
2. Financial freedom - Family budget, cut back on extra expenses, generate more income, conserve energy and resources.
3. Better health and self-image - These two are so closely tied together they really should be the same thing but I feel that they come though different mediums. Start a healthy eating diet, spend more play time with the kids, start a workout plan, take better care of myself.
4. Have a better family dynamic - We all love one another in our family but it can be hard to find the time to really connect with our busy schedules. Create a family schedule and make a time spot everyday for the whole family to spend time together, listen to each other better, go the extra mile to show you care.
5. Fulfill myself - this is the most personal part of this. Find suitable at home business to generate income, pursue my hobbies and passions, find me time.

Some of these things may seem simple no brainers but the changes they have created in my family and myself are drastic and wonderful!

What I really wanted to focus on today was the health and self image.

After going through some rough times as a family my boyfriend and I agreed that our best chance at happiness was a complete overhaul on our life. The biggest change we committed to was our overall health. We are both overweight and suffer from some of the side effects associated with it such as fatigue and a general feeling of being unwell and unmotivated.

 We began to do some research online to find a fitness program and diet that suited our schedule and something we could enjoy and stick to. My boyfriend, Josh, settled on the P90 system produced by BeachBody while I decided on the Brazil Butt Lift also produced by BeachBody. I chose that program because I have always had a flat rear end that leaves the back of my jeans hanging, so I thought two birds one stone. Not to mention that its a blast to do!

Click here to go the the Brazil Butt Lift Website.

Click here to go to the P90 Website.

So far the program has kicked my 'Bum Bum' literally but I am getting the moves down and feeling stronger everyday. I really enjoy doing it and I can make it through even the hardest videos. After the first week I have lost four pounds without drastically altering my diet. We are starting to follow the Paleo diet which has been a bit of a challenge but we have already found some of our favorite recipes that work with our new diet.

I have never been so committed to my health and I truly believe that we will succeed together.
If you are using any of the BeachBody systems or any others please tell us about it here. I also invite others to share recipes and health tips!

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  1. Hi, So, how Mary Kay working out so far? You're still in the MK Honeymoon stage. How much did you initially invest if you don't mind my asking. Blogging about it without divulging the entire up-front costs isn't REALLY entirely strait-up... I'll check back since you decided to post on PT that you're doing this. This is Dazzling Diva Dana you can read my story on there... it's all well-documented fact. By the way, I'm not a bitch, nor have sour grapes. Just want to warn you that there is NO way for total success in Mary Kay. The leaders at the top? It's all smoke and mirrors and they buy their way there. You'll learn soon enough I suppose. Pink is there for you when it all comes crashing down. It will, eventually... again, not saying that to be a bitch. Just being strait with you. I'm like that. ~ Dana